AWS Marketplace DevOps Workshop Series HANDS-ON Lab

Building Modern Applications with Security Embedded - DevSecOps

This hands-on lab is part of the AWS Marketplace DevOps Workshop Series - Module 8 ☁️ 💻

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage Trend Micro - Cloud One - Application Security with your serverless applications running on AWS Lambda or containerized applications running on AWS Fargate. If you are interested in making cloud security more efficient, proactive, and gain visibility to help lead your developers, cloud architects, and DevOps engineers, this workshop is for you!

Bridge the gap between your security and development teams by providing relevant information to gain better visibility into attacks targeting your cloud native applications.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop is divided into the sections listed below. Plan around two hours to complete the full workshop.

1. Introduction - (10 minutes)

2. Prerequisites (15 minutes)

3. Getting Started (10 minutes)

5. Deploy Vulnerable Fargate Application and integrate Application Security (45 minutes)

4. Deploy Vulnerable Lambda Application and integrate Application Securit (20) minutes)

6. Reporting (15 minutes)

7. Cleanup (10 minutes)

8. Conclusion (5 minutes)

9. Survey (5 minutes)

Learning Objectives

  • Avoid the most common web attacks to your serverless and containerized web application
  • Understand the importance of seamless and automated security in your cloud applications
  • Learn how to easily integrate protection libraries into your own serverless functions
  • Gain insight of threats down to the line of code

Who should attend:

  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • SecOps Engineers
  • Information Security
  • Risk Application Manager
  • Application Security
  • Anyone interested in application security and gaining visibility across multiple application projects

Background knowledge for the Workshop

  • Basic knowledge on AWS
  • Basic Security knowledge

Additional Help

For any additional help please reach out to:

  • Justin Perkins - (Email:
  • Fernando Cardoso - (Email:
  • Yan Pinheiro - (Email:

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Before we dive in, let’s go through a refresher of the core concepts explored in this workshop.